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Streamline the work and safety processes

•Permit to Tag System to streamline the daily work of safety documents ;
•Shorten the inspection time prior to Work ;

To achieve a higher level of Safety Operational Efficiency

•To trace employees current risk ;
•Record their activity in pass year
•To ensure employees receiving real-time sufficient protection .
To ensure the validity of equipment in-use
Monitor employee whether equipping appropriate
Equipment/Restricted Area Authorization System
Alert even stop the machine when person reach dangerous edge


Improve the quality of work

•To ensure qualified worker and equipment in place
•Strengthen roles and responsibilities of various duty holders


prove the Productivity

•Advanced verification for qualification, validity and authorization
•Reduce the workforce in monitoring process ;

Enhance current Inventory management system

•Establish a data base for valuable equipment ;
•Easy to Search the major equipment location


Attendance record

•Automatic staff attendance record with excel format output


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