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•Passive RFID tags fix to every worker and equipment in needed, and match to server in advance
•Set up RFID detectors, object detector (option) and warning indicator (option) on-site.
•write a method statement with TSS software, system will generate a code stamp on a passive RFID tags, stick it to Permit / Method Statement and bring along to siteļ¼‰.
•System process on site detecting for the permit/MS, worker and equipment whether it is matched for the particular job.
•Real-time checking the qualification and validity of worker and equipment;
•Attendance record will be taken thought RFID tag , and face detector (two step verification);


Online Portal to System Notification will generate automatically in PC or Mobile Phone while a penitential risk is detected, e.g.:

•Major equipment or worker off site;
•Certification expired of lifting equipment;
•Worker close to dangerous point (e.g. rotating blade/conveyor/excavator/building edge) ;


•Siren signal and stop the machine in emergency;
•Potential risk notification with instant photo capture with information of worker and equipment.



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